What we have here is the complete listing of all our vinyl pressings. This is NOT a catalog and we do not have the majority of what you will find on this page in stock anymore.

IND106 MANIC HISPANIC "The Menudo Incident" LP 2018 info
IND105 COUNT ME OUT "110 Demo" 7" 2018 info
IND104 ROD OF CORRECTION "Lies" 12" 2018 info
IND101 RATS IN THE WALL "Warbound" 7" 2018 info
IND100 INDECISION 100 "Lost Artifacts"10" 2017 info
IND97 PRECIOUS "Unravelings"LP 2017 info
IND96 UNRESTRAINED "Inside My Head, Black Meets Red" 7" 2017 info
IND95 SS WARHEAD "SS Warhead" 7" 2016 info
IND94 BOZ BOORER "Comic Book Nightmare" 7" 2014 info
IND93 UNBROKEN "Life. Love. Regret" LP 2014 info
IND92 SOMALI PIRATES "Skeg City" 7" 2014 info
IND91 SOMALI PIRATES "The Gold Collection" 7" 2013 info
IND90 HEADFIRST "The Complete Recordings: 1987-1992"3xLP 2013 info
IND89 STAND AS ONE "Begin to Care" 7" 2012 info
IND88 STRIFE "Demo Days"7" 2012 info
IND87 BEWARE THE IDOLS "Adolescent Rebellion"7" 2012 info
IND86 RETALIATE "We Are One" LP 2009 info
IND85 UNBROKEN "Re-Issue Re-Package Re-Evaluate the Songs" 3xLP 2009 info
IND83 STARING PROBLEM "You'll Always Be Sick" LP 2008 info
IND82 RESIST "We Want Our World Back" LP 2008 info
IND81 THE ALLIGATORS "s/t" 7" 2007 info
IND79 RETALIATE "Coup D'Etat" LP 2006 info
IND78 FORCE OF CHANGE "The Fire Still Burns" LP 2006 info
IND77 THE ALLIGATORS "You Ruined Everything" 7" 2006 info
IND75 THE VOWS "s/t" 7" 2006 info
IND74 WHEN TIGERS FIGHT "Ghost Story" LP 2006 info
IND73 PUSHED ASIDE "s/t" 7" 2006 info
IND71 MEAN SEASON "The Memory and I Still Suffer in Love"2xLP 2014 info
IND68 WHEN TIGERS FIGHT "s/t" 7" 2005 info
IND67 THE SUICIDE FILE "Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For" LP 2005 info
IND66 COLD WAR "From Russia With Love" LP 2005 info
IND65 UNDERTOW "Everything" 2xLP 2009 info
IND63 FINAL WORD "Fools Like You" 7" 2004 info
IND61 THE SUICIDE FILE "Things Fall Apart" 7" 2003 info
IND60 ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE "This is a Spark of Life" 7" 2003 info
IND59 INSTED "Proud Youth: 1986 - 1991" 2xLP 2003 info
IND57 OVER MY DEAD BODY "Sink or Swim" LP 2003 info
IND56 DEATH BY STEREO "Into the Valley of Death" LP 2003 info
IND55 IN CONTROL "The Truth Hurts" LP 2003 info
IND54 THE SUICIDE FILE "Twilight" LP 2003 info
IND53 THE PROMISE "Believer" LP 2002 info
IND52 MIKE V. AND THE RATS "s/t" 7" 2002 info
IND51 STAY GOLD "Pills and Advice" LP 2002 info
IND48 COUNT ME OUT "Permanent" LP 2002 info
IND46 THE SUICIDE FILE "s/t" 7" 2002 info
IND45 STAY GOLD "Caught Up In The Moment" 7" 2001 info
IND44 IN CONTROL "Another Year" LP 2001 info
IND43 WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE "Let It Wash Away" 7" 2001 info
IND42 OVER MY DEAD BODY "Rusty Medals and Broken Badges" LP 2001 info
IND41 VARIOUS "Indecision Split Series" 2xLP 2001 info
IND40 DEATH BY STEREO "Day of the Death" LP 2001 info
IND39 OVER MY DEAD BODY "No Runners" 7" 2001 info
IND38 DEATH BY STEREO "s/t" 7" 2000 info
IND36 VOORHEES / KILL YOUR IDOLS "split" 7" 2000 info
IND35 FADED GREY "A Quiet Time of Desperation" LP 2001 info
IND34 THROWDOWN "You Don't Have to be Blood to be Family" LP 2001 info
IND33 BANE / ADAMANTIUM "split" 7" 2001 info
IND32 CREEP DIVISION "s/t" LP 2000 info
IND31 DEATH BY STEREO / ENSIGN "split" 7" 2000 info
IND30 ADAMANTIUM "When It Rains, It Pours" LP 2000 info
IND29 BURIED ALIVE / REACH THE SKY "split" 7" 2000 info
IND28 COUNT ME OUT "110" LP 2000 info
IND27 NO REPLY / LIFES HALT "split" 7" 2000 info
IND26 THROWDOWN "Drive Me Dead" 7" 2000 info
IND24 UNBROKEN "It's Getting Tougher to Say the Right Things" LP 2000 info
IND23 AUTOMATIC "Crossing Kill Creek" 7" 1999 info
IND22 EYELID "Conflict's Invitation" 7" 1999 info
IND21 TIME FLIES "On Our Way" LP 1999 info
IND20 UNITY "You Are One" 7" 1999 info
IND19 DEATH BY STEREO "If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die" LP 1999 info
IND18 THROWDOWN "Beyond Repair" LP 1999 info
IND17 KILL THE MESSENGER "All the Angels Crash and Burn" 10" 1999 info
IND16.5 THE THIRD DEGREE "s/t" 7" 1998 info
IND16 DEVIL'S NIGHT "Live at the Showcase" 7" 1998 info
IND15 ADAMANTIUM "From the Depths of Depression" LP 1998 info
IND14 THE DYNAMIC SEVEN "s/t" 7" 1998 info
IND13 EYELID "If It Kills" LP 1998 info
IND12 ENSIGN "Direction of Things to Come" LP 1997 info
IND11 ENSIGN "Fall From Grace" 7" 1997 info
IND10 UNDERTOW "s/t" 7" 1999 info
IND09 BOTCH / NINEIRONSPITFIRE "split" 7" 1997 info
IND08 ENSIGN "s/t" 7" 1996 info
IND07 NINEIRONSPITFIRE "Seventh Soul Sacrificed" 7" 1996 info
IND06 DEMPSEY / KILL HOLIDAY "split" 7" 1996 info
IND05 GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION "California Hardcore Compilation" LP 1995 info
IND04 DEMPSEY "s/t" 7" 1995 info
IND03 COLLATERAL DAMAGE "s/t" 7" 1994 info
IND02 BLACKOUT "s/t" 7" 1994 info
IND01 STRIFE "s/t" 7" 1992 info

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"Meet is Murder"
July 6,2018
"Sick Rooms"
July 28, 2018
Fuck It I Quit
"The Human Virus"
July 28, 2018
Hard Stance
Fall 2018

Manic Hispanic
"The Menudo Incident"
Rod of Correction
12" / CD

IND99 Bleeding Through
"Portrait of the Goddess"
Rats in the Wall
7" / Cass / CDep

IND99 Lost Artifacts
"Indecision 100"
IND99 Sparkmarker
"Products & Accessories"