Tap And Die "Bombs Overhead" Test Pressing

  • Tap And Die

Tap And Die "Bombs Overhead" Test Pressing

This is a limited test pressing of only 7 available copies.

Consisting of members who have played in a wide swathe of San Diego hardcore bands (Statement, Unbroken, Kill Holiday, Heroin, The Locust, Gehenna, Rod of Correction, Julia, Narrows...and on and on...) the community pool of influences and past work they have to draw on is immensely vast. San Diego styled hardcore with a DC influence, they have seemingly bridged a gap with many of their former voices yet still somehow sound fresh and unlike any of them.

1. Rolex Cyanide
2. New Walls
3. Sanctities of Two
4. From
5. Pulverize
6. Talk To Us
7. Stroke of Words
8. Bombs Overhead
9. The Difference Is

Released: 2019

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