Mike - Vocals
Jimmy - Drums
Matt - Guitar
Manny - Bass

In a practice room somewhere in the middle of a San Diego strip mall, the members of Straight Edge band MethXBreath discussed what was next. A couple of the members felt that the band may have ran its course, leading to conversations of now what?
Everyone was still great friends and they still wanted to play together. Matt wanted to come from behind the drums and showed Mike and Jimmy the brainchild he had come up with away from the band. He played them a self-played demo for a pissed off ‘Straight Ahead’ style hardcore band, they were extremely into it and Bayonet was born. Mike shifted to vocals and Jimmy went to drums, over the next month or so they practiced and rounded out their lineup when they brought in bass player Manny (P2BC).
They honed the initial songs, as Mike added lyrics to all and then they were ready to record their demo. They recorded the demo ‘Total Massacre’ at Death Ray Studios in Chula Vista with their old friend (and MethXBreath bass player) Jared Cluff.

Bayonet play fast, pissed off hardcore which has been likened to bands like Scholastic Deth, Find Him and Kill Him, Infest, Negative Approach, and Straight Ahead, while also having parts in common with early 2000’s HC. Their sound probably lies somewhere in the middle of all these comparisons.

Bayonet are a band who love and live hardcore, you should come to a show and say hi.