Excerpt from No Echo...

Tell me how Change came together and what the catalyst was to start the band in the first place.

For the last few years I’ve been focused on family and the company that I started, but I was still working on song ideas here and there. I love hardcore, and really enjoy being in a band, so the drive to create and be a part of it was always there. I started to get the itch to play again and decided to finish some songs that I’d been working on with friends, and that became the Change 'Closer Still' LP.

How would you describe what style of hardcore Change is about?

Fast hardcore that’s influenced by Youth of Today, Bold, Sportswear, Uniform Choice, Verbal Assault, and Embrace. The goal was to be heavy and ferocious while also being able to bring in melody and groove. There’s also a decent amount of metal and thrash influence in there as well. We worked hard on these songs and how they were put together. A lot of time was spent dissecting songs we love, figuring out what makes them awesome and then bringing that into the writing.

Lyrically, I worked through a lot of personal stuff on this record. I went through a very difficult period for a few years and I put that into these songs. But I didn’t want to create this disjointed mess of thought, so I put effort into the economy of expression and tried to say more with less. Every song is written with two meanings in mind: a meaning that’s intended to be clear and relatable, and then a meaning that’s specific to my life that’s intended to be less obvious. The lyrics might come across like standard hardcore, but I thought a lot about what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.

Also, the band is all-straight edge and that’s still an important thing for me.