Formed in early 2002, Cold War is a band that was started in a passionate effort to have fun playing music. Consisting of long time friends as well as hardcore veterans who are no strangers to the hard work that it takes to keep a hardcore band alive, they quickly recorded a demo and begun playing any shows they could. Hoping to fuse their grand range of musical tastes, the end product formed a landscape sound incorporating the melodies of At the Gates and Shadows Fall to the heavy sonic thunder of Hatebreed and Pantera.

Early in their inception they lost one of their original guitar players, Kirk Katlan (formerly of The Mistake), who was soon replaced with Justin Jolley. Justin along with Steve Helferich (Welcome To Your Life), Marc Jackson (Throwdown), Geoff Harman (Scars of Tomorrow), Jeff Trion (Show of Hands) and the beast known only as “Rookie” rounded out the line up for their debut album “From Russia With Love” which was recorded over the summer of 2004.

Shortly after the release of their album, Jeff Trion left the band and Chris Thomson (Atreyu) quickly picked up the slack. Expect great things from this Orange County/Inland Empire outfit.

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