Sometimes a side project is so much more than that. When Good Riddance and Sick of it All toured together there was a strong connection made with members from both camps about wanting to play some of the traditional hardcore they grew up on. If you need to draw comparisons, think Negative Approach, Black Flag, and Straight Ahead with a west coast touch. The idea of Creep Division was born.

Comprised of Russ Rankin and Chuck Platt of Good Riddance, Craig Setari of Sick of it All, and Joe Fish of Fury 66 this was a project that needed to be documented. After playing a handful of shows on both coasts, it was time to record. They decided on having their long time friends at Indecision release the record and made a date with Paul Miner of Death By Stereo to record it. The entire record was put together in one weekend, the way a punk album should be.