Silicon Valley may be known for it's massive contributions to the tech industry but it's contributions to music culture have long been overlooked, until now. The area's premiere straight edge outfit, Field Of Flames, have been active for years and with the release of 2022's "Constructing A War Against You" have cemented themselves and the valleys' largest city, San Jose, as a place to keep your eye (or ear) on.

"Bottom line up front, all of us in this band take a lot of pride in our scene and being apart of hardcore in general. I’m proud of all of my friends and everyone who’s been contributing so much specifically to Northern California hardcore," says frontman Justin, "The main influences for me at the start of Field of Flames were bands like Slugfest, Undertow, and other metallic style hardcore based out of the '90s. Although those were our influences, I think it’s safe to say we fine tuned our sound that’s unique to us and we just enjoy writing passionate, unforgiving, and aggressive songs with very real themes that I personally experience."