Hailing from all over Southern California, Force of Change is a straight edge hardcore band, built on the ideals and ethics of the bands that came before them. Paying tribute to all those that inspired them over the years to pick up instruments, book shows, X up, scream their lungs out, sleep on stranger's floors, and then wake up and do it all over again the next day.

xForcex was born in the summer of '05 when singer, Dave Richardson, and guitarist, Ryan Nelson, decided that there was a lack of fast heavy straight edge hardcore in the vein of bands that got them into this music like Judge, A Chorus of Disapproval, and Strife. Too many bands were concerned with "crossing over" or collecting shoes and that exciting feeling and message that had once encompassed hardcore was rapidly escaping a scene moving forward while forgetting where it came from.

Quickly assembling a group of close friends who shared the same ideas and values the group was rounded out by guitarist, Nick Piunno; bassist, Sam Robertson; and drummer, Rollie Ulug. The band started writing, recording, and playing shows right away so to not loose any time. As a result, that sense of urgency can be felt in their music. It is also conveyed in their lyrics about friendships, personal struggle, and social issues.