In 1987, the alternative scene was dead, punk rock was becoming passe, hardcore was charging full steam ahead, heavy metal was the norm, and speed metal was just starting to make an impact. It was during this volatile musical time in Orange County, California that Headfirst was conceived.

After minor band member changes within the first year or so, Headfirst settled on the four who would released the Back In Control EP and The Enemy LP, both of which were originally released on Dan O’Mahoney’s Workshed label. John Scott (Downer), Michael Rosas (Smile, Satisfaction), Aaron Sonnenberg (Smile), and Kevin Murphy (Farside) toured the country in support of their releases until 1992 when the band played their final show at Spanky’s Cafe in Riverside, Ca.

Serving as a marker of OC’s hardcore history, this collection of the band’s entire studio output lays out the timeline of the band’s growth and progression as they begin to come into themselves.