Over My Dead Body formed in the spring of 2000 with the single goal of being a full on straight edge hardcore band. Aaron Cooley and Daniel Sant were talking one night and decided that there was a lack of straight edge bands around and how they missed that honesty, sincerity and fun spirit in hardcore. They decided to do a band that was true to those ideals they both share and picked out a few friends who they knew were sincere and cared about the same.

Daniel asked his friend Rob Moran (formerly of Unbroken) to play bass and Rob knew of a drummer who had just moved to California from Virginia named Tommy Anthony (who used to drum for VA hardcore heroes, Four Walls Falling). Lastly, Aaron brought in his friend Scott Lopian to play second guitar with whom he played with in Built to Last. So with their lineup complete they began to practice, record their four-song demo, and finally play some shows.

With the ball finally rolling they got into the studio to record their debut EP, NO RUNNERS, and embarked on their first tour to the East Coast with some help from their good friends in Bane. Later that year they returned to the studio and recorded their full length, RUSTY MEDALS AND BROKEN BADGES. Following the release of the new record, they parted ways with Scott. With another East Coast tour in the works (this time with Carry On, Death Threat, and The Hope Conspiracy) they found a replacement in another Built to Last alumni, Dave Kennedy. Dave's tenure in the band was short lived because of the demanding schedule of his "other" band, Boxcar Racer. The empty spot in the band didn't go unfilled for too long though. Longtime roadie and merch guy, Mike Arney stepped up the the plate and has been playing with them ever since.

A split EP with Death Threat then followed as well as US tour with Count Me Out, Terror and Death Threat. Upon returning from tour Rob realized he couldn’t commit as much time to the band as was needed and stepped down allowing Adam Meehan to jump up from the front row at shows and into the bass player position. With a new lineup they started to write their best and most complete record to date, SINK OR SWIM. The record was produced by the band and Paul Miner (Death By Stereo) and destroys anything they have done in the past. The release of the record was followed up by another successful US tour, this time with good friends Death By Stereo.

Their sound can be best described as straight up traditional hardcore without the usual boundaries, they play what they like not what they think people want to hear. The lyrics touch on subjects from straight edge, to social and political struggles to topics within the hardcore scene in which they are involved.

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