Eagle Barber (Drums/Vocals) and Chad Repp (Vocals) came up with an idea for a band during the summer of 1998 or 1999, who really knows? Anyways, at that time in Seattle, music was leaning toward the "metal" side of the equation and Chad and Eagle wanted to start a band that was reminiscent of their influences. Bands like Hot Water Music, 88 Fingers Louie, Turning Point and Bane could be considered there "core" influences but they also had much broader musical tastes, from Split Lip to Bad Brains.

After working on a few songs in their cramped Capital Hill apartment they recruited Ross Swanes (Guitar) and Chris Jahn (Guitar) and rounded out the line up with Chris' younger brother Matt Jahn on bass. Taking the name Stay Gold they practiced, played some shows, had some fun, recorded a demo, and had some more fun. Matt decided to go to Europe to play the bag pipes (not kidding), it's a bit more complex than that but he went traveling. Stay Gold liked having two Jahns in the band so they got Cam Jahn, the middle brother of the three to play bass.

From that point Stay Gold was pretty solid: Aram/Anchor records put Stay Gold’s s/t 7"/CDep, a few short west coast tours commenced…good times. Then Indecision signed the boys of gold to do a few records. So out came the 7”/CDep, "Caught up in the Moment", and the full length CD "Pills and Advice" with the vinyl of that record coming out on the European label Years From Now Records.

Now the details get fuzzy…more tours, and more chaos, Chris quit and moved to New York and Paul Betinson joined Stay Gold on guitar to do a U.S. tour. Stay Gold played what was to be their last show on August 18, 2002 at Hell’s Kitchen in Tacoma, Washington with Champion, Terror, and Allegiance.