Jason Mazzola - Vocals
Pete Appleby - Guitar
Garth Petrie - Guitar
Charlie Flexon - Bass
Colin Kimble - Drums

Count Me Out started in the fall of 1997 under the moniker "What The Fuck". Luckily, the band changed their name before playing their first show in December of that same year. In 1998 the group entered the studio with the then up-and-coming producer Brian McTernan to record their first e.p. "Few and Far Between". They shopped around the recording and finally found a home on the now defunct Ambassador Records. That summer the band embarked on their first U.S. tour with Death By Stereo and Time Flies. Most shows were at VFW halls and basements and after only a handfull of shows, Count Me Out found themselves stranded in Texas for a week after blowing up their engine. Still, they persevered and returned home more determined than ever.

After working and reworking countless songs and growing their hair out (yes, they were the first hardcore band to do that) they recorded "110". This was their first release with Indecision Records and the first recording to capture Count Me Out's powerful sound. After a full year of touring Count Me Out returned to the studio to record their final album "Permanent". If you only listen to one Count Me Out record, this is the one to listen to. From start to finish you find classically constructed hardcore athems picking up where bands like Chain of Strength and Statue had left off.

In February of 2003, after touring Europe, Count Me Out returned to Richmond and played an unannounced last show in the same small club where it had all started for them. In their relatively short existence Count Me Out made an undeniable impact on the straight edge hardcore scene which is still being felt today.

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