The Promise "Believer"
$7.00 - $23.00

  • The Promise
  • The Promise

The Promise "Believer"
$7.00 - $23.00

The Promise mean business, and pull no punches in achieving the goal of breathing life into a lost scene and misdirected genre. Save all your speculation about what is and what isn't hardcore for the internet, because Syracuse, NY's The Promise are here to show you just what it is, and with a vengeance.

1. The Kiss Off
2. Washed Up
3. Comeback
4. Believer
5. Tempered
6. Dead Mans Band
7. The Unwanted
8. Pity For None
9. No Heroes
10. Eyes Wide Shut
11. What I Have
12. No Way Out
13. Gone Sour

Released: 2002

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